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Another day, another run...
The last few posts have been all about my C25k progress, so let's get that out of the way. I skipped yesterday, but did the run today when it was a tad warmer (and I was a tad more awake, more on that in a bit). The intervals were 2x(1.5m run, 1.5 walk, 3m run 3m walk), with a 5m warmup/2m cooldown walk bracketing. Stats: 2.60km, 29m04s, 11m10s/km, 5.37km/h. Monday will be the last run of nominal Week 3, then I'll start Week 4 on Wednesday. On the weight front, I'm down 0.5kg from my last weigh-in. Not quite the pace I need to make my goal of 95kg by my 42nd birthday, but a step in the right direction (the conditions of the weigh-in were different, which may account for some variation as well).

I may have mentioned it a while ago, but I have signed up for two college-level remote-learning classes, one on Software Engineering practices for Software as a Service, being taught by Coursera in collaboration with UC Berkeley, the other is MITx Course 6.002x Circuits and Electronics (based on the MIT Course 6.002 of the same name). Both are pilot classes of the respective programs, both have schedules, homeworks, wikis, discussion forums, quizes/exams, etc. Neither costs any money, and neither gives college credit (both programs will offer certificates of completion for a fee, but both programs are waiving that fee for the pilot courses). The SaaS course is 5 weeks long, and I just have the final homework to complete -- late. The MITx course is a full 15 weeks long, and I'm in Week 3. Of the two, the SaaS homework is more time-consuming, but easier. I need to find a way to manage my time better, so I'm not rushing to get the work done at the last minute.

For a while, one of my co-workers has been hosting a weekly group-geeking session at his house, where a bunch of tech-oriented people get together and work on their programming projects, chat, perhaps play video games, drink fluids (some of a brewed nature), etc. Getting out on evenings has been difficult for me, so I haven't been going, despite the attractive nature of the activities. He and his wife have also been feeling around for interest in another venture and I showed some. So on Thursday I went up to his house and participated in a meeting. I don't think it's wise to exactly say what we are up to, yet, but I ended up volunteering. Time to break out my old copy of Robert's...

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(Deleted comment)
What do you use for your vegetable soup base? Myself, I tend to succeed well with sweating a mix of alliums, with a little bit of salt, basil, and other spices, in some olive oil (to help bring out the lipid-soluble flavors) in the bottom of the soup-pot. I'll add a small can of tomato paste to the pan next, and mix it in with the base alliums, spices, and oil, to loosen it and make it easier to mix with the water that forms the vast majority of the volume of the soup. Once that's nicely mixed, I'll then add the main vegetables of the soup.

I have found, when attempting perpetual soups (where you keep adding stuff to a large pot to replace the stuff you've eaten) that it works well until some well-meaning person convinces you that Brassica oleracea (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, etc) would be a good addition. It is, for about 2 days, then the soup starts to stink and taste bad as the sulfur compounds start to come out in force.

See, I can soup-geek as well :-).

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