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C25k Run3.1
For a change of pace, week 3's runs alternate short runs of 1.5m and long runs of 3m, separated by short and long walks. There were only 2 reps of the short/long cycle, so the total running time was the same as week 2, when there were six runs of 1.5m each.

I took it slower, and it wasn't as difficult as on Monday. Unfortunately, RunKeeper didn't get a good GPS lock before I started, so it recorded an instantaneous leap of 4 blocks near the beginning of the run. I got credit for 3.14km, but Google measuring my actual route says it was 2.7km.

Addendum I just checked, and you can look at my RunKeeper profile and activities at http://runkeeper.com/user/blaisepascal/ even if you don't have a RunKeeper account.