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Run 2.3 -- can I quit now? No? I have to run back home, too? Sigh.
Today I followed the same course as I had on Tuesday, but got a little farther (understandable, as the total running time was a minute longer). I felt like quitting at the half-way point, but decided to keep going and only quit if I couldn't go any further. I made it home, yay!

I also signed up with RunKeeper.com, and downloaded their app to my phone -- GPS tracking of distance and pace. The stats of my run are now available there -- including maps and other statistics and graphs. It appears to be free (although there are plenty of up-sale markers. I'm presuming that the "RunKeeper Elite" status costs money for the extra features), and the app is free on the iPhone (I haven't checked Android, but I would assume similar). If my friends were also on RunKeeper, that would be neat for tracking each other.

Today's stats: 32m33s, 2.92km, 11m10s/km, 5.37km/hr, 180kCal, and 16m climbing.

The last stat is bogus. I'm running on flat terrain perpendicular to the general local slope. RunKeeper says that over the course of 3 blocks the altitude fell 4m and went back up 3m. The road does not do that. I'm assuming that my phone makes a lousy GPS altimeter.

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4 meters or so is typical GPS resolution, as I recall. So, not surprising there's that much jitter in altitude measurement.

Good on you for running! Keep it up!

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