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Goal: Mass of 95kg by 3 May 2013.
This is not a SMART goal. Yes, it's Specific, Measurable, Relevant, and Timeboxed, it's not necessarily Achievable.

The chosen mass is the maximum mass allowed by both of the closest skydiving groups for a first jump (either tandem or AFF). That increases the relevance to more than just general health. The chosen date is my 42nd birthday, admittedly over a year away. At a slow-and-steady pace, that's 766g/week, about the general guideline for reasonable weight loss.

Even with the year, even with the reasonable rate of decline, I'm doubtful it is achievable.

For one thing, I'm currently at about 135kg, so I'm talking about losing about 30% of my mass. I'm working on increasing my fitness and such by running, but that's likely to build muscle at first as much as it burns fat. The increased metabolism will help, probably, but it's still a lot.

I have not found attempts at diet change in the past to be workable. I tend to be a grazer and don't calorie count, etc. It is possible that the increased metabolism will tend to greater eating to make up the difference. I will monitor things and see how it goes.