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Cto5K: Week 2, Run 1
Today was the first run of week 2. It took me longer, and was harder near the end than Week 1. Last week, a days run consisted of running for a minute eight times with walking breaks of 90s between each run, with 5 minute warm-up/cool-down periods in between (total time: 10m + 8x1m + 7x1m30s = 28m30s). This week, the runs were 90s, the walking breaks were 2m, and there were 6 runs total (10m+6x1m30+5x2m = 29m).

I didn't follow the same course I did on Tuesday -- I missed a turn and improvised after that -- and I didn't come back the same way I went. As such, it's hard to compare the distances the two days.

I do know that on Tuesday I got back to the house before the timer ran out, and today I got back after. I also know that on Tuesday the timer paused during one of my walks, and so I walked longer than the suggested 90s before realizing what had happened and restarting the timer. Today, the timer didn't stop at all. I turned back when it told me to, and I was still over a block from home when it told me I was done.

At least I did it, and I'll do it again on Saturday. Then I'll be able to get back to my intended MWF schedule.