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I saw a big stinky flower!
The Amorphophallus titanum has a big stinky flower. It's a native of Sumatra, and is notable for how rare, and large, it's flower is. Wikipedia has a page devoted to listing all publicised blooming of these plants in cultivation since 1889. Think about that: it blooms so rarely that it makes sense for Wikipedia to list every cultivated blooming for over 120 years.

Cornell has one, and they've known for the past week that it would be blooming soon. Last night (or the night before) it bloomed and has been open to the public to go see it.

I made skitten go with me this evening to see it. There was a line, and I took some photos, which I'll share tomorrow (it's after midnight)

Between working on homework this morning and seeing the big stinky flower, I didn't get a chance to run today. I will do it tomorrow morning instead of today, putting me a day behind schedule.