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Couch-to-5k, day 0.5
This evening I downloaded a Couch-to-5k app for my iPhone and tried to do day 1 on the way home.

Day 1 is a 5 minute warm-up walk, then eight 1m runs separated by 1m30s walks, followed by a 5-minute cool-down walk.

By the time the app whispered in my ear "congratulations, you've done half the runs for today, walk for 90 seconds to begin your fifth run" I was 2 blocks past my house and ready to hit "pause" and walk home. So I did.

While I was breathing hard, my legs weren't in pain[1] as I had expected, and skitten didn't think I was wheezing when I got home.

I'm uncertain if I should finish out "the day" tomorrow, or see what I can do on Wednesday (which would be the next scheduled day). I also have to figure out what to do about the "working up to running 5k when my commute is a 1k walk" issue. As I said, I went past home with half the first day.

But regardless, it's a start.

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It's always a challenge to put health first, and it feels so rewarding when it happens.
There definitely shouldn't be serious pain involved. The idea of "no pain no gain" is wrong.
One thing I'm learning in my own practice is patience and the value of working slowly and consistently over time.
Also, allowing myself to be surprised by the bodies ability to renew and the order in which this happens. :)

tldr: I run a lot. Have some long-winded advice.

Which C25K program do you have? My Week 1 was:

R: 30s
W: 45s
R: 45s
W: 60s
R: 60s
W: 90s

My first run the minute jogs were a challenge and I'm already athletic (just not great at running). So your program's set-up seems strange to me. Like, maybe not the best thought-out use of the interval training.

Besides that, here's my general advice (as someone who's not a great running and 4 weeks ahead of you in the C25K program):

1) Have a goal. If your goal is the 1K trip to work - pick a different goal. Now that the weather is getting nice there are a million 5K races that you can sign up for. You can give yourself a good long time to train and look for one in the early autumn. But regardless, you should have a specific length race (5K) and a time frame to get there by. Otherwise it's too easy to lose motivation.

1.2) I use the word "race" very loosely here. A small handful of people compete to win (not us) and everyone else runs it because they want to (us).

2) Some weeks may actually take you 2 or 3 weeks. There's nothing wrong with completing the program in longer than it suggests.

3) The C25K program is specifically designed to slowly build your endurance throughout the week before moving you on to the next level. So consider your actual first day as day .5 or day 0. Consider it a full day 1 when you do the whole jog and then do that workout 3 times in a week before moving on.

4) Avoid running multiple days in a row. Running is hard on your knees and especially if your not used to regularly working out already. So on Wednesday re-do day one. Not tonight.

5) It's going to suck. The muscles you're not used to working out are going to get sore, if you run up hills at all (and even later in the program when you're just running for a longish time) your legs will hurt and I always come back from my runs exhausted and breathing heavy for a few minutes. But it's easier if you have a goal to work towards and a decent collection of music. And I always think it's worth it.

Re: tldr: I run a lot. Have some long-winded advice.

I don't have the 1k to work as a final goal, although that's a waypoint goal. I don't have a race I'm working towards. My main goal is increasing my stamina and endurance and losing weight. I'm aware that's not a "SMART" goal, but I don't have a more concrete goal on hand. I agree I should pick one.

I'm using the "Get Running" iPhone app. It seems a bit more aggressive than your plan. It follows, almost exactly, the plan listed at http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

Re: tldr: I run a lot. Have some long-winded advice.

So pick one!!! :P LoL I only got into running because I had a ridiculous goal first.

Yeah, it's definitely a different plan. It starts out more aggressive, but it sort of evens up with mine later. It just sort of looks lazily written to me. Then again, my whole basis for judgement of my specific program was 1) Is my iPod updated enough to run it? 2) Will it let me play music through the application while still telling me when to walk and run? 3) Is it free / cheap?

Oh! I forgot that piece of advice #6 is go slowly. Like, physically run slowly. Don't sprint. It should be a steady jog.

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