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Curious activities with my email address.
Over the past couple of weeks, I've had some curious emails.

I've gotten a few activation messages from services I've never heard of. In general, I tend to ignore such things as sophisticated spam. But these felt... different. For one thing, they seemed to all be related to an Android phone, as if someone was installing apps onto their phone that was somehow connected to me. Only skitten could really do that by accident, and it didn't feel like her type of stuff.

I was concerning enough that I changed my Google password, turned on 2-step authentication (when I need to log in because of expired cookies and the like, I get a text message with a verification code). So far, I've seen no further suspicious activity.

One message was from pgsapp.com, a service to track and find lost and stolen phones. It thanked me for creating an account, and here's the password.

Mind you, unless Google is more severely hacked than it should be, if this was a real sign up, the person who did so never got the password to the account. But I did. And pgsapp.com is designed to track lost or stolen phones, so it sends information about registered phones "home" a lot.

So now, out of curiosity more than anything else, I occasionally track the phone of some guy in New Caledonia (a French territory off the coast of Australia). I know the phone's model (ZTE SKATE, running Android 2.3.4), the phone's number (local to New Caledonia), the phone's location.

What should I do with this information?

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Presume user made a typo in registering? So you could cancel the account or send them an SMS letting them know of the error. Or, be rude and if you can find them on FB, be creepy and log their whereabouts on their wall.

The only way I know to contact them is to contact the phone. I don't know their name, their real email address, etc. I just know the phone number and phone location.

I'm leery about calling or texting as doing so would reveal my phone number. I'd prefer not to.

The tracking software does allow me to do creepy things like turn on the voice recorder on the phone, lock the phone, make the phone sound a loud siren, etc.

Can you send a message through the app? Then it'll look like it's from them. :D You could really mess with them. They mostly speak French there, as i'm sure you're aware.

Contact your mobile provider; if they also handle the other person's account, they could help you straighten this out. Besides, if their number handling is that screwed up, I think they'd like to know...

My mobile provider is AT&T Wireless. Their provider is unknown, but is probably Office des Postes et des Telecomm. de Nouvelle Caledonie.

I don't think he's taking over my phone number, I just think he's registering to things with my email address.

Create a new AIM account. Send a message through the AIM>SMS gateway.

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