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Request for phone suggestions
Now that my major financial issues are out of the way, or at least being dealt with, I can begin to think about being in the market for a new phone. I'm looking for suggestions.

My criteria:

1. Must work with AT&T. Changing carriers is a non-starter right now.
2. Must be Android, preferably compatible with 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich), or at least with a foreseeable upgrade path.
3. 4G is nice (my current phone supports 3G), but LTE isn't available in my area yet, so that's not as important.

Expense is less of an issue than it has been in the past. I'm expecting that my amended tax return will net me enough that I could get a Galaxy Note if I so chose ($299 w/contract).

So what, in your experience, would be a good phone for me to look at?

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I have no advice but am curious with what you end up with.

I've not heard from Mom or Dad yet with regard to the Galaxy Note.

I don't think you're going to see a lot of phones with AndroidOS 4.0 as yet, but the recent ones (< 1 year) should be on the upgrade list, and you can check that.

3G and 4G with respect to the cell phone companies are loose marketing terms. I don't pay them any mind because they don't know what they're talking about with respect to the terms.

I don't know what phones AT&T carries - but I have the Droid Pro (Motorola). It's an okay phone, but it does a lot of freezing and needing to be rebooted. :/ I don't remember what Jim has, he's a non-Motorola droid that works great and he loves it.

So, avoid Motorola droids, maybe?

Edited at 2012-02-22 05:31 pm (UTC)

Droids are carried exclusively by Verizon. Motorola makes (some of) the phones, but Lucas licensed the use of the trademark to Verizon Wireless.

Like I said, I dunno what AT&T carries b/c I'm a Verizon user, myself. I was just saying to avoid Motorola phones in general. I'm not sure if they make any of the AT&T phones. If not, well never mind. :P

We’ve had the Note for about 5 days now so I can give you some thoughts on it. I’m going to have to set aside operating system issues since my previous phone and only experience with a smart phone, was an iphone. Android is quite a bit different and I’m still in the learning curve. So as to the phone, obviously, it’s a really big phone. The screen alone is bigger than the iphone. That being said, it’s not any thicker than the iphone. It’s not a lot heaver. Without the battery, it was almost exactly the same weight, with the battery it’s maybe 30 or 40 grams heaver.

Many of the pre-release reviews made a big deal of how hard this would be to hold, especially for people with small hands. My hands are small and I have stubby fingers. It’s not hard to hold. After a few hours it felt very natural. It is true that I couldn’t use it one handed but I didn’t use the iphone one handed either. I think carrying it will take some thought. I carry mine in a small cross-body bag, just like I did the iphone. T. carries it in his shirt pocket. It doesn’t look as secure as I think it should. It’s definitely a little more unwieldy than the iphone and if you don’t want to carry it in a bag, it’s going to take some thought. It’s harder to answer while driving for example. I got a call today and had to let it go to voice mail until I could pull over. Still, it’s new and those issues may work out. but for me having the bigger screen is worth it.

More later.

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