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Tire followup.
I went to the tire place this morning, and there's bad news and good news.

The bad news is that the patch failed/is failing. The puncture was too close to the edge, so it was questionable if they could get a good patch anyway. It turns out, they couldn't. A new tire is needed, and they don't have any of that tire in stock.

The good news is that he'll have the new tire tomorrow, and they are dealers of the brand of tires currently on the car, so it'll be a match. They are also taking the $30 for the repair off the cost of a new tire, so the bill will be $87 for the new tire. I'll take the car in tomorrow afternoon.

Between getting the car, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses, I have the $87, but not much more. Luckily, payday is Friday.

In the meantime, he over-inflated the tire so it'll take longer to leak out. I fully expect it won't make a major difference, and plan on using my 12V portable air compressor at least once or twice more to inflate the tires.

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Our offer still stands

Give me a call at work if you want to talk about it.

Re: Our offer still stands

I'll call you tonight to discuss it.

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