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I am now the proud owner of a car loan.
The car, however, is not mine yet.

Left to do:

1. Drop the bank cheque off at the dealership. I don't want to endorse it until I get the car, though.Dropped off. They made me endorse it, however.
2. Talk to Geico about getting it insured. Curiously, the bank is demanding collision, but are silent about comprehensive. I thought they typically wanted both. I have comprehensive&collision starting on Friday, and insurance for both cars.
3. Wait for my tax refund to come in on Wednesday, and my paycheck to come in on Friday, then go to the dealership with a bunch of cash.
4. Call Geico again after the plates from the Oldsmobile are transferred/surrendered and get it off the policy.

Then, assuming that everything goes well, and everything has been going well so far, I'll drive off the lot in a shiny 2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited Platinum Edition.

There are 3 minor issues with the car:
1. The stereo does not have a tape deck or an aux-in, so there doesn't appear to be a way to connect our smartphones/mp3 players to the sound system.
2. The driver-side sun-shade wants to flop down just enough to be annoying. The previous owner tried to use Velcro to make it stay up, but only used the hook side, and it didn't work well.
3. It's my mom's car :-). Seriously, it's the same model and features, except hers is blue and this one is silver.

But it handles well, has get-up-and-go, and feels nice to drive. On the test drive, I went up the steepest, curviest road I knew of within easy striking distance of the dealership (Sandbank Road, by lower Buttermilk Falls, for those who know Ithaca), and it nicely accelerated through the uphill curves without struggling, hesitation, or feeling like it was anywhere near its limits. It felt good through curves well above the yellow posted speeds. It's fun to drive.

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My old car also lacked an aux jack or tape deck. I used a DLO Transpod for my iPhone/iPod, and loved it; it was far better than the Griffin iTrip, which I found miserable. The broadcast strength was strong, plus it charged the device at the same time, and held the device at a convenient angle for manipulation while driving.

This won't be much help if you're not using Apple phones/players, but I thought I'd mention it.

(Deleted comment)
Either there was a 1-character typo in the subject line, or the longest, most involved typo I've ever seen in the message body.


I have a loan, 5.24% for 48 months. I still have $2400 to get to the dealer on Friday.

*waves frantically from Binghamton*

I'm going to stalk you now.

And Bu, that's an awesome rate. Good for you!

Clearly, your mom is an astute woman who did her auto research carefully and chose well. Congratulations on your new car.

That's a good rate. Congratulations on that as well.

Edited at 2012-01-30 07:24 pm (UTC)

It is a good rate. It's a phenomenal rate. The dealer made me fill out a credit app, but came back from the manager saying they couldn't beat that rate; I don't think they even ran it.

In fact, from their flip-chart, it would appear that their rates for great credit *start* at what I, without great credit, was offered.

And it's "Congratulations".

Thank you grammar Nazi. You should be very proud of the hard work you've done to build your credit rate. Nice going.

From T.
1) Bluetooth
2) Subject to a warranty recall. Both of our visors had to be replaced, the driver side twice.
3) I had the same Camry as my mom. Frankly, it emasculated me and I’ll never be the same again. I should have bought a Hummer… on the other hand, writing ‘hummer’ in the same paragraph that I mention my mom is seriously disturbing.

It is a good car. You’ll like it…

FYI: If your ‘airbag’ light starts coming on when you start it, have them clear the computer’s memory. If it encounters a low voltage condition it sets off the light. On the other hand, if it persists, consider replacing the battery before doing anything expensive. Again, transient low voltage conditions are a problem for these touchy sensors.

It's spelling Nazipedant, not grammar Nazi.

My credit rating is not that good, but it's good enough, apparently. The 600-639 score bracket would have gotten me a 7.24 base rate, which I was expecting. The 640-679 score bracket got me a 5.74 base rate.

Either way, I qualify for somewhere between a 0.50-1.00 discount based on direct deposit, automatic payments (weekly, sweet), fuel efficiency (30+MPG highway), and member loyalty. The maximum allowable discount is 0.50, so I didn't ask to be qualified for all of the discounts.

To T.
1) To the best of my knowledge, this particular model year doesn't offer Bluetooth.
2) Can you get me information on that recall? I couldn't find it in the online recall databases. And with it being a used car, the warranty recalls might not apply.
3) It may be my mom's car, but it isn't a "mom's car". I could easily see Jeremy Clarkson feeling satisfied with this car (well, maybe not: "Somebody needs to sit Hyundai down in a nice chair and very gently break the news to them that the Ford Mondeo exists. It will come as a shock, but it's for their own good.")

You're right, it is spelling pedant. I sit corrected. I knew it was misspelled just as I hit post. I'd edited it before you brought it to my attention.

Give T a call on the Bluetooth thing. He’s got ours hooked up somehow. It seems like recalls should apply no matter who owns the car. It’s at least worth checking. If it’s only covered under warranty, well, the Velcro might work if it’s done right.

I saw the email coming in saying there was another edited reply to the post as I was writing my reply, so we crossed streams, as it were.

I've searched online for "sonata visor recall" and I see a bunch of people who basically state that it's covered under the 5y/60k warranty (since I'm at 61k, I'm SOL, even if the warranty did transfer). I've also read the Technical Service Bulletins I've been able to find on it, and the campaigns don't seem to cover my car (Western, PC, and Southern regions only). So it may be a real problem, but I may be SOL anyway.

If you do discover a relevant recall, it should apply even if you're not the original owner.

I think I have a couple of the FM-transmitting gizmos if you want to give them a try to play music devices via the radio. I found them frustrating on trips through populated areas because you have to keep changing the frequency to avoid the changes in what frequencies have broadcasts on them as you travel. They did more or less work, though I'm glad I no longer need them.

If I recall correctly, collision covers damage to the car, comprehensive covers damage done by or in the car (people and property). So the bank cares that if the car gets totalled they've got some way of getting back at least part of what they're owed for the no-longer-road-worthy slab (and based on experience, they do get first dibs on whatever the insurance company pays out). The bank doesn't care about the replacement cost of the fire hydrants that you ran over (ripping out the entire exhaust system and leaving a gaping chasm in the middle of the floor that rapidly filled with water, causing the car to be totalled) on your way to the plate glass window that you drove through (bumper folds up and the windshield smashes in but doesn't hit you because the air bag deploys and catches the inbound debris field) or the hospital bills to cover the stitches for the paper cut that the lobby attendant got from the sign in book when he was distracted by your arrival and subsequent on-the-dime stop in the center of the lobby (which prevented more serious injuries from occurring). They're perfectly content to let you cover those expenses out of pocket and to forward your loan to collections (or repossess the car) if paying for all of that stuff forces you to be unable to continue to pay the loan off.

But since you probably aren't content with that, comprehensive is probably a good idea.

It appears that comprehensive covers damage to the car caused by things other than an accident. Things like fire, theft, riot, missiles, animals, etc.

The things you describe would fall under "liability", which the State requires.

It seems that they would like their money back if the car is totaled because a bunch of celebrating IC students flipped it over and set it on fire after winning the Division III Soccer championship.

True dat. Too bad you ran over those fire hydrants.

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