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Concertina change of plans.
I had been using the Sparkfun VB1011 breakout board for the MIDI synth features of the concertina. Last I knew, I had fried the board I had, and haven't gotten a replacement yet.

HackADay recently posted a link to the AvecSynth Arduino Shield MIDI synth project on Kickstarter.

This board handles all the interfacing between the Arduino and the synth chip, as well as outputs to RCA plugs. It's a shield, with stackable headers, so I can add another shield on top of it for anything else I need to do.

Kickstarter only accepts Amazon Payments for payment, and I'm having some difficulty getting Amazon to cooperate (apparently, the Amazon Payments account I had from 6 years ago will only accept payments from Mechanical Turk, not make payments), but I'll soon have one ordered for delivery in February.