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A neat realization....
Last week I ordered LEGO Rock Band for the Wii, and this weekend Skitten and I have been having fun singing into it (the guitar peripheral is scheduled to arrive via UPS tomorrow).

Looking around, it appears that Rock Band 3 has a "PRO" mode which will take, as input, signals from actual MIDI instruments. I've seen things which indicate that there is an actual training mode to them as well so you can use them to actually learn how to play for reals.

Reviews that I've read indicate that the PRO peripherals they make for it are (a) much cheaper than most MIDI instruments, but (b) are surprisingly capable as MIDI instruments, and so are a good quality-to-value solution for MIDI instruments.

Then it hit me:

At the heart of it, my electronic concertina project is a MIDI instrument: It uses an Arduino to read a collection of buttons, converts the button presses and releases to a stream of MIDI data, and then sends it to a (built-in) MIDI synth to actually generate sound.

Making it so it'll send data over a MIDI wire instead of just to a synth should be relatively easy. Then I'd have a custom Rock Band 3 controller as well.

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And then you'd learn to play rocking electric bass on your electric concertina? A fairly specialized niche, that.

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