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Gun Safety Fail
To allay any concerns, the gun in question was a Nerf gun; no one was hurt, no one was shot, even with a spring-launched 3" foam slug.

But bad gun safety practice anyway.

I visited Song this weekend, and her son IDK apparently got a Nerf rifle for the holidays. He was happy to get it, and he was happy to show it to me.

Initially, he showed it to me barrel first. Not the most appealing way to view a gun, even a toy gun.

When he handed it to me, he was cheerful to point out that one of the neat things about this particular model was that it could be broken down: the tail stock came off, the adjustable rear sight came off, the laser sight came off, the barrel was in 2 pieces, etc. I had broken it down almost completely, but I couldn't get the magazine to release.

IDK explained that the magazine couldn't be removed because the gun was cocked and ready to fire.

I couldn't see a safe way to unload it, and said as much.

IDK: "Sure there is." (pulls trigger, sproing, a Nerf "bullet" heads into the livingroom).

I'm pretty sure all the adults at the table acknowledged that actually firing the gun did not qualify as a "safe way to unload it".

The next day, after he had been playing with his friends (both of them brought over new Nerf guns of their own), I found he had left the rifle on the couch in the living room. Since I hadn't succeeded in removing the magazine the previous day, I broke it down again. He had left it on the couch with a round chambered. I fired it into the couch, and still failed to ever get that magazine out.


Pointing the gun at a guest in order to show it off.
Firing it as a demonstration of "safely unloading" it.
Leaving it unattended in a ready-to-fire state.

On the other hand, Nerf made it without a safety and without a safe uncocking mechanism.

I suppose it's just Nerf, and harmless, but still.

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Apparently there is quite a community built around modifying Nerf guns to be, well, less Nerfed. I don't think safety mods are part of the deal though. It seems as though they can reliably get a rifle to shoot darts 100 feet on a flat trajectory by upgrading the spring and enlarging the air intake - the ammunition is more the limiting factor at greater distances.

Yeah nerf modding :) But yeah I think RB or one of us needs to have a gun safety chat if you already have not talked about it. I'm not very good at it myself either.

Funny how you didn't mention that.

*hides face in hands*


Where's Wolf when I need him?

Re: Funny how you didn't mention that.

I had thought you were the one who instigated him showing me the Nerf rifle and were at the table when I was breaking it down. I didn't think I had to mention it because I thought you were a witness.

Re: Funny how you didn't mention that.

I was referring to the "leave loaded weapon on sofa" bit. I wasn't home for that.

I had encouraged him to show off the rifle, because he's proud of it, and I've also told him MANY TIMES to NOT point it at people.


It's not just that the NERF N-STRIKE CLEAR RECON CS-6 can be broken down, it can be assembled in various ways.
Build your own blaster with five interchangeable parts that you can take apart and reassemble any way you want! Add the flip-up sight for aiming precision and the dual-mode light beam with red-dot accuracy that's perfect for night missions. The shoulder stock to steadies your shot and stores an extra clip of ammo (sold separately). And add the tactical rail to maximize your precision or the barrel extension with top and bottom tactical rails! No matter how you configure it, this slick, clear blasters is just what you need when the "battle" gets fierce!

Five-piece blaster comes with quick-reload dart clip with 6 Clip System darts and instructions.

Requires 2 "AAA" batteries (not included).

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