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Review: A Taste of Thai Coconut Ginger Noodles Quick Meals
This weekend I listened to the most recent episode of Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap, where they read an email from bloodsong1. Song said in the email that she was tempted by Kevin&Ursula's review to try "A Taste of Thai" products.

I sent Song a comment stating that I had tried them and enjoyed them, despite them being expensive for ramen-type products.

Last night, at the store, I realized that I had mis-heard "A Taste of Thai" for "Thai Kitchen". I blame the two unrelated local restaurants called "Taste of Thai" and "Taste of Thai Express". I'm sure I heard "Taste of Thai", mixed it with the local restaurants, realized it was wrong, and rejected my hearing of "Taste of Thai" and substituted the cheap food I was familiar with.

So I picked up a package of "A Taste of Thai Coconut Ginger Noodles Quick Meals" for review purposes. (See the website at A Taste of Thai. It appears impossible to link to a product page for just this product).

First visual impressions: The box is in the shape of a traditional paper Chinese takeout box, without the wire handle. The top has flaps which close and lock in the standard fashion, and in this case is sealed by a small clear tape disc. It is visually appealing -- and as it turns out, functional as well.

The instructions indicate you are supposed to cook the product in the box itself, rather than use a second container. Remove envelopes from box, add water to the 1-cup mark on the box (a scoring of the cardstock, not a printed line), add contents of sauce envelopes, then noodle envelope. Microwave with box open for 3 minutes. Stir noodles into sauce. Microwave open another minute. Close box, and let rest a minute.

The instructions are a bit fiddly, and the efficiency of the packaging was lost in the multitude of envelopes. There were three spice/sauce packets in one plastic bag, and noodles in another. The packets weren't easy to open, and I ended up using scissors more often than not (one plastic bag required me to try a different pair of scissors! Sharp enough to cut paper wasn't sufficient).

The big disappointment was the deceptive packaging. I have not measured it, but I would guess that the box is big enough to hold at least a quart, yet you only add a cup of water. The "fill to here" line is only about a quarter of the way up the box.

The noodles initially stuck up way above the water, but after the first 3 minutes were easy to stir into the sauce base. After the final minute of cooking and the minute rest, it looked like an appetizing morsel of noodly goodness at the bottom of a big box.

My thoughts of eating it straight out of the box were quieted by the thought of trying to maneuver a fork in the box. So I dumped it into a bowl. Surprisingly, it filled the bowl satisfactorily. The actual quantity of the product is reasonable, but it is dwarfed by the size of the packaging. (Note: the nutritional information says it's 2 servings. I wouldn't be satisfied with half the package).

This is not a soup; this is noodles coated with a creamy coconut sauce. I found it well-cooked, and quite flavorful. It is definitely one of the better instant noodle dishes I've had. The box did recommend adding meats, veggies, firm tofu, etc to it to "make it your own". I did not do so for this review, but I would be careful with some additions to avoid overpowering/clashing of flavors.

As far as ramen-style products go, it is one of the more expensive products at around $2.70/box. Even so, I would definitely consider this brand again in the future.

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Sounds pretty comparable to the price per unit for other prepared single-serving meals that you heat up, but if it's just noodles and creamy sauce, I think I'd be disappointed. Maybe the sort of thing I'd buy when it's on sale, as I do with the Stouffer's frozen mac & cheese and lasagna.

I was HEARTWARMING! Right down to breaking open chests and shoving TEALIGHTS in!

I heart KUEC

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