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More car woes.
The windshield wipers on my car have become disconnected from the motor driving them. I can hear the motor run fine, but the wipers don't move. I can move them by hand OK. That should be an easy fix.

The hood release in my car is broken. I pull the lever and feel no tension, hear nothing go "pop" under the hood. That is not an easy fix, and makes the windshield wiper bit unfixable.

I really hope to get a newer car before this one is completely undrivable.

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Opening the hood latch isn't difficult. Get a long-ish screwdriver. Look through the grille at the center top; you should see a hook-shaped piece of metal, possibly with a cable attached to the bottom of it. Push that sideways with the screwdriver, and the hood will release. (You'll probably have to poke around a bit to determine exactly how it works, but that's the general idea.) There's a cable that runs from the hood release inside the car to the front of the engine compartment. Your cable has either broken, or come off at one end or the other.

The windshield wipers are connected to the motor by a set of levers and, yup, more cables.

+1 but also try using flashlight to see what's going on.

I'll have to, since it'll be dark when I get home.

I figured you'd figure that out by yourself :-)

Got home, grabbed long screwdriver, grabbed flashlight, turned on back yard light, went to front of car.

No grill. The front looks something like this:

There's no way I can tell to get to the mechanism from the front. Even though the bumper cover isn't in good shape, behind it is a screen-like mesh and frame.

Try slipping something suitably thin through the space between the edge of the hood and the body of the car, right above the emblem on the nose there. Since you can't see into the space, you'll just have to poke around until you find it by feel. Sheesh, what a stupid design!

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