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Kindle Cover, initial impressions.
I've had a problem with the Kindle in that the eInk screen, while lovely to read, is fragile. It is with some shagrin that I mention that I first bought a Kindle in June, and currently my purchases are being sent to what Amazon is calling by default "Buddha's 4th Kindle". For their credit, Amazon has been very good about replacing the devices, and it was my choice to buy the "3rd Kindle" rather than ask them to replace my first Kindle a second time.

I got Amazon to replace #3 last Saturday, and on the same day ordered a Kindle Cover so that (with any luck) there won't be a #5. #4 arrived on Wednesday, and the cover arrived today.

First thoughts: It's heavy! The description says it's leather, but the main piece which comes in contact with the Kindle itself is like a molded hard rubber or a slightly elastic plastic, and is very dense. Overall, the cover weighs a hefty 110g (about 3.9 oz), while the Kindle itself is 170g (6oz). Together, the covered Kindle is 280g (nearly 10oz).

The front and back faces are leather, seemingly made from one thin piece, including the "hinge" allowing the front cover to open and fold back. The inside of the cover is a soft cloth, almost felty in texture, but is clearly not the suede side of the leather. While the hinge is flexible, I am almost certain that the cover has an embedded plastic layer for strength and stiffness.

While the size increase is minimal in absolute terms -- it adds maybe 2mm all around -- this is sufficient to double the thickness of the Kindle. With the cover, it's about the size of a thin Mass Market Paperback (it is the same thickness as a 1974 edition of The Scarlet Pimpernel I grabbed off the shelf for comparison, a little bit shorter, and a little bit wider).

The design seems well suited to the task of armoring the Kindle against the type of things one would find in a bag or purse, and will hopefully keep me from needing a Kindle #5. The major draw-back is the added weight (64% more weight for a covered Kindle) and thickness. The advertising for the Kindle on Amazon shows one picture of the Kindle in a back jeans pocket. I wouldn't recommend that without the cover because of screen fragility, and I don't think it would fit with the cover. I found the coverless Kindle would fit in the breast pocket of some of my shirts; I don't think it'll fit now.

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Thanks for the review.

Which Kindle model did you get?

The one currently called "Kindle", also known as the 4th gen Kindle. It has no keyboard and is not the Kindle Touch.

Kindles #1 and #2 were what was then called the "Kindle", but is now called the "Kindle Keyboard", and is also known as the 3rd gen Kindle.

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