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(no subject)
Our dishwasher hasn't been as effective in cleaning lately as it should be. I've been noticing the bottom getting dirtier over time, so this evening I pulled out the filtery-guts of the bottom of the dishwasher and cleaned them.

It was a tad disgusting, and I ended up using the pulse-setting on the shower-head in the bathroom to blast away a bunch of the gunk that was clogging everything. I was particularly concerned about the fine paper-like film formed over most of the mesh surfaces, which can't have been good.

After cleaning it that way, I put everything back together and ran a cycle with soap and no dishes. The washer looked even cleaner after that. I'm running a load of dishes now, which I'll inspect in the morning to see how well they cleaned.

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The "fine paper-like film" may actually have been paper. If you've ever put empty jars in the dishwasher to clean them before recycling, where do you think the paper labels go? If you're lucky, they stay in one piece and are obviously, visibly draped over the filter intake. But if they disintegrate into the water, there's your paper(-like) film.

It's a good idea to get dishwasher cleaner (which is mainly citric acid, and closely related to coffeepot cleaner) and use it a few times a year. It'll help dissolve some of the crud in the filter, and reduce the smell from what's still there. It also removes mineral build-up from hard water.

Yay for clean filters! I find tossing some vinegar or citric acid, aka sour salt, can do wonders for cleansing the dishwasher.

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