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Help me Internets, you're my only hope!
skitten's new Android phone is not receiving text messages. No idea why not. It can send them, but it never receives them.

My Google-fu has failed to find a reasonable solution. Some suggested solutions I haven't tried involve a factory reset (which would wipe all her settings and apps) or putting the SIM chip into another phone. Neither of these are "reasonable" in my opinion.

There did seem to be an outstanding bug with receiving SMS when memory is low. Her memory is not low.

What should I try next?

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Another friend had that problem, ended up having to exchange the phone.

I had problems receiving MMS on my Droid 2, but SMS worked fine. It ended up being a conflict with the energy saving app I downloaded.

You may want to check her default battery saving settings and see if there's anything in there restricting network access.

Is there a way to back up the phone before doing a factory reset, so that it can be restored?

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