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I've got artwork!
For the past few days I've been getting my schematics entered into gschem, and then trying to figure out how to get the schematics turned into PCB art, with the final step dumping the art into Gerber files so I have something to give to the fab.

There's been problems, but nothing really unexpected for the initial learning curve. I divided the circuitry up into 3 schematics, and had trouble getting connections between the schematics to hook up properly, but in the end, I've got artwork.

I don't believe it's perfect, but I think what I have now is workable. I have a major concern about one part of the circuit which I'd like to redesign, and I think that I can easily trim 0.5" off one end of the board (important when fabs charge by the square inch). The design guidelines from Sparkfun strongly recommending making sure everything on the board is clearly and usefully labeled (e.g., I don't need to know that this chip is U1 on the schematic, I do need to know it's a 74138; 550kΩ a better label than R201, CONN201 isn't a useful label, MIDI BOB is a better label, esp with pin 1 also labeled RX, pin 2 RST, pin 3 GP101, etc). Right now, none of my components have particularly useful labels. So work can be done.