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September 11th is an important day in history.

On this date, the Scots defeated the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge (where, unlike in the movie "Braveheart", there was a bridge involved in the battle), and centuries later, the Scots voted to devolve their parliament from the English. An American of Scot descent was appointed to the post of Secretary of the Treasury of the US, an unprecedented appointment at the time.

The British chose to attack the American naval forces in the Battle of Plattsburg on September 11th, which they lost, ending the Northern campaign in the War of 1812. The earlier Battle of Brandywine on September 11th during the Revolutionary War worked out better for the British.

The Spanish surrendered to Mexico, giving them Independence, and Egypts Constitution became official. Happy Anniversary to both those countries (and to the Scottish Parliament, mentioned above).

In Chile, voters approved their current constitution, 7 years to the day after Pinochet took power in a coup.

I'm sure you are expecting me to mention the Pentagon, and you'd be right. On September 11th, ground was broken to begin it's construction.

Pete Rose got his 4192th career hit, breaking the record set by Ty Cobb 58 years and 8 days earlier.

Hurricanes Edna, Carla, and Iniki all hit the US on September 11th, doing damage to New England, Texas, and Hawaii, respectively. All three were big storms for their areas.

Gentlemen started their engines for the first time at the oldest motor raceway in the world on September 11th, and they've been racing ever since in Milwaukee.

Some planes went down on September 11th, including an RWD-6 piloted by the recent winners of the Polish Challenge (an early airplane/flying contest), Air France Flight 1611, Eastern Air Lines Flight 212, and a helicopter carrying the Patriarch of Alexandria and several other high-level bishops.

There's a lot to celebrate and remember today. I hope you have a good one.

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Feel free. I got all the information off of Wikipedia's page for September 11th.

Hippo Birdies to your mother!

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