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Flood report.
Officially, the roads are closed to all but emergency travel here. Some roads in downtown Ithaca have police barricades up. Word has it that Wal*Mart is flooded (but the land on the flood control plain was cheap and under-developed!).

The creek next to my office feeding into the lake is about 3' from the bottom of the bridge to my office, but does not prevent traffic from flowing. It is apparently blocked off to prevent people from taking it to bypass the barricades on the main roads.

Dunkin Donuts was open, and the employees were freaked out because there is no business. Of course, the road it's on is closed, so there's no traffic to bring in business. I was still surprised when they had my beverage ready even before I walked in the door.

It feels like half the folks didn't make it in to work... Hmm, half the developers are out in my office, but all the non-developers made it. More are expected to trickle in.

It appears that AT&T cell coverage is out in the area, as I'm getting no signal at work. I did get signal at home this morning, though, which is only about a kilometer away.

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(Deleted comment)
It rained pretty heavily and steadily yesterday, after the ground was already saturated by Irene.

I don't know where this came from, as it isn't tropical. Irene blew through last week, Jose stayed far offshore, Katia is still far to the south and isn't expected to come close to shore, Lee is doing a number on Louisiana, but is no where near New York, Maria is still in the Tropics, as is Nate. It blew in from the south, which is an unusual direction for non-tropical weather to move.

One blog called this an "unprecedented weather event" in Binghamton, saying a record 7.49" of rain fell over the area.

This is, in fact, the tail end of Tropical Storm Lee, which came up from the gulf, through Atlanta where I was for the weekend, and into the northeast as I was trying to fly home on Tuesday. We got the rainy western edge, rather than the blowy core of the storm.

Tens of thousands are evacuating Binghamton and nearby northern PA areas around the Susquehanna River. It's going to suck. A lot.

AT&T tells me there's a known issue in that area that they're working on, likely flood-related. They hope to restore as soon as possible.

You have no phone and I have no internet at home. Please keep posting if you can. I can read you at work.

There are an impressive number of black dots on the USGS WaterWatch map for NY. The numbers are particularly impressive if you mouseover the dots for points along the Susquehanna River.

I hope it continues to recede.

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