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My phone is on the fritz.
It was raining as I walked to work today, a cold, steady rain that is causing flooding issues for folks all over central New York.

My phone didn't like it. By the time I got to work, it was telling me that "This Accessory is Not Optimised for this iPhone", despite having no accessory connected.

Turning off the phone, so it could dry with the electronics unpowered, was a challenge, and once I was able to turn it off, it would turn back on again.

For a while it was turning itself on and off. It could not find the SIM card for a while.

Now it seems to be detecting the non-existent non-optimized accessory 3-4 times a minute, going to sleep between warnings. It is no longer complaining about a lack of a SIM card, but it says I have no service.

Unlocking the phone, I'm told it needs to be restored from backup, and it can't find a SIM card. The WiFi can find the local networks (all locked, but visible), so those radios work.

I'm trying the restore, and see if that helps.

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Turn it off. Leave it off. Put it in a baggie of rice overnight.

"Turn it off. Leave it off" Did you not see the part where I said that when I turned it off, it would turn itself back on? And how at one point it was turning itself on and off?

If I could pull the battery, I would have.

I took the SIM card out and let it dry separately, and it's been in an air-conditioned space all day. It seems to work OK now.

While sitting on top o the fridge where the warm air rises.

...with your left foot in the air, holding a cat over your head with your right hand.

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