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What Kind of Country Reneges on it's Contracts?
This is the viewpoint on the Debt Ceiling I've been wishing to put into words for weeks. I'm glad someone who writes better than I got it published.

I feel that every Congresscritter who voted for the currently enacted appropriations laws knowing it was a deficit budget and is now voting against the debt ceiling is morally equivalent to a rich man who intentionally skips out on his check at a restaurant.

The US Government is not bankrupt. This isn't a case where the coffers are empty and the banks have cut off our credit. The Treasurer can raise enough money to pay our bills tomorrow if he were allowed to. This is a case where, despite wide-open credit availability, the Tea Party is saying they would rather the US break contracts than borrow more money. They want to skip out on the bill rather than pull out a good credit card.

It is the deplorable act of a scoundrel.

What Kind of Country Reneges on Its Contracts? -- Justin Fox, Harvard Business Review Blogs