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I am on Google+
Please feel free to encircle me.
Please let me know if you want to be encircled.
Please let me know if you want an invite (which implies consent to be encircled).
Please let me know if you think the verb "encircle" is somewhat creepy even though the obvious choice for Google+.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I didn't recognize the name, but I recognized the profile picture.

Yes on #4. No on the rest.

I figured. That's why you weren't in the first wave of invites I sent out.

I'd like an invite, please. Encircle as you will.

Do you have a gmail account I can send it to? I think you need one. I can try w/out, and see if it works if you don't have one.

If you want to tell me privately, my gmail account has the same name as my LJ account.

Oooh - I'd like an invite, please. As for "encircle," it does seem a bit creepy, but I'm sure I'll become accustomed to it, just as I became accustomed to the word, "invite," as a noun and, "friend," as a verb.


tigira at gmail dot com


Thanks for the invite. I would like to be in your circle. I haven't joined yet but will as soon as my dearly beloved has been convinced it won't broadcast our ss numbers, bank accounts, home address and phone to the sociopaths who circle the net like (insert snarky simile of your choice here). Hopefully won't take more than a couple of weeks.

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