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I work on the first floor of a building next to an inlet for Cayuga lake. On one side of the building is expansive blacktop, but the area right outside my window is about 20 feet of green space before the banks of the inlet. It is also right next to a fenced-in storage yard for Verizon. About once a year or so they come by and mow the storage yard, but other than that it tends to be overgrown with grasses and is a minor habitat for small animals.

Over the years looking out my window while working I've seen: rabbits, deer, birds of various sorts, cats (including one black-and-white cat who would head into the storage yard and come back out a half-hour later with dinner in her mouth, repeatedly), groundhogs, etc. It's fun to keep an eye out for wildlife.

Today I saw a weasel. It was probably an American mink. I've not sure I've seen one in the wild, as it were, before.

No pics, unfortunately. My experiences with trying to take wildlife pictures through the screened windows here have not been successful in the past.

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in june 2008, we joined friends for a weekend in Cape Hatteras. We saw something very like that skulking along the inlet bulkhead.

I thought ours was http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher_%28animal%29
but looking at the ranges I have a feeling it's a north carolina cousin to what you saw.

Cool aren't they?

This one was definitely smaller than a fisher, and it didn't look juvenile. It was within the upper size range for an American Mink. (Why does Wikipedia list the penis size of an American Mink before its body length? Is that really useful identifying information?)

It certainly was cool to see for the minute or so before it disappeared into the underbrush again.

I didn't know we had mink.

But I just found out from Episode 39 - "Aunt Jemima is trying to kill us" That we have dung beetles that eat dog poop.

Can you send me the picture you took of the Prism Emerald Ash Borer trap?

American mink

We stopped at aurora travelling back to australia via nyc and la and at the jetty saw a cat stalking an american mink. There was most likely a second, heard but not seen mink under the jetty.
About 8 miles from town we also saw vultures by the roadside.

We also saw chipmunk, squirrel, raccoon and deer. Is this normal or were we just lucky?

It's not unusual to see any of that wildlife in this area, but I think you were lucky to see all of it in one trip.

BTW, I don't typically allow purely anonymous comments. Who are you?

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