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This is not good...
I just walked home from work (yes, early). I had to stop twice. Once I got home, still breathing hard, I plopped down in my chair and put on the BP cuff. Yes, I know the instructions say wait after exercising. I was intentionally trying to get a "high" reading from the exercise. 91/51 with a heart rate of 81.

Skitten did a control test this morning after my readings and got a reasonable 110/68.

I don't know if this is a "call the dr and make an appointment", "Have skitten take me to the ER when she gets home", or "What's my insurance deductable for an ambulance and what's the number for 911?" situation. I'm going to guess not the latter.

I'm going to go have a lie-down in front of Top Gear.


I have a dr. appt scheduled for Monday, and I am awaiting a call-back from the dr-on-call for the practice I go to. The nurse I talked to seemed to think adjusting the meds was the thing to do, but didn't tell me what meds to adjust. I just took my bp again, and it was 99/58, same as this morning.

Update #2

The dr-on-call suggested a cut-back on one of my meds.

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Best call the doc *now* and ask *them* if you should go to the ER. Low blood pressure *can* kill, this might be urgent.

Have skitten take you to the ER. Take your log of blood pressures with you.

Having no idea what time the last update was, all I can say is:

"WHAT medicine and did you get a second opinion on the cut back?"

I've lived with low blood pressure for all but the last two years of my life. Your rating was my "normal" until Depo.

Until a week ago I was taking 40mg lisinopril, 100mg atenolol, 5mg amlopidine, and 25mg hydrochlorothiazide, all once daily, all to control my HIGH blood pressure.

Last week, because I was complaining about lightheadedness and dizziness, plus one fainting episode, and because of my in-office blood pressure readings, my dr reduced my dosage of atenolol to 50mg daily.

The on-call doctor, looking over my history and med list, felt that the 40mg of lisinopril was a high dosage (it's the max dose, but I've been on it for years at that level), and suggested I drop to 20mg for now, spitting the pills I already have.

To summarize: I've had a problem with high blood pressure for years. I've been taking a lot of meds to control it. Something has changed, and now it appears that the meds are bringing it unacceptably low -- low enough I'm suffering ill effects. So the plan of action is to adjust the meds until it's good again. This is not affecting the meds I'm taking for diabetes or infection.

how are you doing today Buddha?
I'm glad your blood pressure numbers were semi normal but it is a bit nerve wracking to have it fluctuate wildly...

I'm much better today than yesterday, but my BP this morning when I woke up (well before breakfast) was 90/something. It doesn't seem to have bothered me that much.

I'll check it again when I get home.

ok- I'm going to motivate peter to go the health recovery class as he fell yesterday- I'll be home around 5:30

When they put me on 50mg seroquel, my blood pressure was something like 80/50, and I really felt it. If I bent down or crouched, I couldn't get back up without a head rush. Now I'm on 25mg seroquel and my BP is around 120/70 which is comfortable. Best of luck with it.

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