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NetFlix easter egg.
Tonight I stumbled across an 11m short on Netflix Watch Instantly entitled "Example Short 23.976 Burned In Timecode". I do not believe it was intended to be watched by most people, as it is mostly an example/test reel.

Most of the film consists of panning over architectural elements, flowers, skylines, and so forth to the accompaniment of the sound of a fountain (one of the early architectural elements). Occasionally a man (always the same guy, probably the film-maker) interjects with dodging through trees, turning cartwheels or somersaults, juggling, etc. Near the 8 minute mark, it focuses on him reciting Marullus's angry speech from the opening scene of Julius Caesar. Then making clicking and popping noises.

All of this with a yellow time code burned in at the top, patiently counting off the (presumably) 23.976 frames per second.

The last two minutes or so was test images: Large white circles on pure black backgrounds, color-bars, circles superimposed on grids, greyscale bars, etc.

I suppose that the short would be useful as a diagnostic, if you knew it was there. And now you do.

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That was fascinating. Could not see the timecode, though.

Oh, i found it on the youtubes.

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