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So what's the difference between fainting and falling asleep?
When I went to the doctor on 5/24, my leg was severely inflamed, there was a decent amount of pain, etc. My BP was 120/80.

When I went back to the doctor for a followup on 5/31, my BP was 106/80. The nurse checked it twice.

I have, over the past couple of weeks, had cases where for a few seconds I've felt a bit dizzy/woozy when standing up from lying down, especially when standing up quickly.

Earlier this week, I had a very unusual situation. At 6am, the alarm went off, I hopped out of bed so I could see/reach the clock to turn off the alarm, turned off the alarm, and fell asleep, falling face-first into the running room fan.

The fan was shielded, and I was still wearing my CPAP headgear, so the event was more startling than painful/harmful. It surprised me that I was apparently so tired that I would fall asleep like that.

However, given the low blood pressure readings and the dizzyness from standing, I wonder if it wasn't falling asleep from being too tired as it was fainting from too low BP.

I have a regularly scheduled doctors appointment on Tuesday. I will bring it up, especially if my BP reading is again low. I've not heard of anyone recovering from hypertension, but perhaps an adjustment to my meds may be in order.

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Sounds like BP issues to me. I had similar episodes when I was losing weight and my BP meds were too strong.

I think you fainted, hon.

I would put the difference thus:

• Fainting is when you suddenly lose conciousness, to the point where you will fall over if standing.

• Sleeping is when you lose conciousness over what can be a short but still extended period of time, usually when you're lying prone.

The lying prone part is optional. Especially when you fall asleep standing up, your boyfriend confirms this by walking all around you, and then goes back to the kitchen to play cards!

(Not that I'm remembering anything specific, you understand! :-) )

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