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It may be time to activate the Android backup plan.
Question: If I were to go to the AT&T store to get a new Android phone this week, what would you recommend?

Skitten is reporting problems with her phone (an iPhone 3g, which she's had for a year and i had for 2 before that). I haven't fully diagnosed the issue[1], but there's a chance that this will involve going to the AT&T store and doing something about it.

The original plan was for me to wait for my iPhone 4 to go out of contract in March 2012 and then I would upgrade to a decent Android phone at the time, with my iPhone 4 being handed-down to Skitten. There were always a couple of "I need to jump to Android faster" backup ideas (I get a contractless phone; I take advantage that Skitten is no longer under contract and use her upgrade ability to get a new phone, etc). If her phone is ceasing to work as a phone, We're going to have to make the Android jump now, not later.

[1] A rather disturbing SMS conversation:
Skitten (10:05): I have a problem and I need a phone where people can hear me talk :(
Me: What's up?
Skitten: Friday was supposed to be [medical procedure] :(
Skitten: I completely forgot
Skitten: When I tried to call to reschedule I could heat them but they couldn't hear mt
Skitten: Me
Me: Call me
Me: I can't evaluate the audio quality of your phone if you just text me
Me: Hello?

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I'd probably go for an Atrix. Although Android isn't optimized for dual-core processors, the Tegra 2 is still good hardware.

We semi-discussed this some time ago. I was worried about you moving from AT&T because my Nexus One is specifically geared to AT&T.

Having said that - and I have no idea if it is any sort of an option at this point as far as you're concerned - I'd consider moving to T-Mobile and getting an Nexus S.

Again, I don't know if that makes any sense for you. In doing that you couldn't give your iPhone to Kaaren.

T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular Wireless, what's the diff? (unless the FTC says there's a diff)

Besides, I've got 9mo left on my current 2-year contract. Jumping to T-Mobile would get me an early termination fee. And the hassle of doing so would likely mean 3 new phones (the Nexus One is still geared towards AT&T, right?)

Of all the major mobile companies, T-Mobile is the one that most "gets it." This is why I'm fighting AT&T (who does not get it) from buying them.

But all this is moot, I think, if you have 9 months to go on the AT&T contract.

I can't tell you what to get, but I can advise you to stay away from the HTC Incredible. Battery life is awful and it fails on several levels as a phone. I'll save you from the entire rant about all of the ways in which doesn't work as I think it should and just say "steer clear."

With regard to the inability to hear issue: a co-worker had that happen on his phone last week while a group of us were walking around Beebe Lake. A reboot (powering all the way off, waiting a few seconds, then powering back on) resolved the issue. Perhaps the current issue can be resolved equally inexpensively.

A hard reset seems to have fixed the problem, at least temporarily. It was a loud buzzing on the other end of the line: she could hear fine, but it was hard to hear her over the angry bee.

Thanks for the suggestion to try a reset.

I love my tiny new HP Veer smartphone (on AT&T 4G network), running Palm WebOS (not Android).  Light, fast, powerful, cute.  Posting this from the LJ app.

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