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I'm being treated for cellulitis
Or at least, that consistent with what I gathered from the doctor (not my usual doctor, he's out this week, I takes what I can get in such a situation).

I've been put on 500mg Cephalexin three times a day for 30 pills (I have one more for today). One of the possible side effects that Wikipedia lists is tiredness. I'm definitely experiencing tiredness, but I don't know if it's from the antibiotics or the infection itself (I was sleeping a lot before the meds as well).

Today I went to the hospital for an ultrasound to rule out deep vein thrombosis. No clots found, so that's formally off the table as a possible issue.

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Get well soon, old friend.

Ouch. Healing thoughts enroute!

Next difficulties: mustering the energy to stay at work (I managed 3.5h today) and dealing with the reality that illness (and the associated effects on appetite) is an effective, but not recommended, weight-loss technique. Here's hoping it resets my setpoint to something healthier.

Even before I began the radiation treatments, they were telling me I should try not to lose weight. However, between the prescribed dietary restrictions, the digestive disturbances (which the diet was supposed to mitigate), and the fact that I find myself sleeping through mealtimes, I've lost a few pounds anyway. Now, halfway through the treatments, they tell me I'm supposed to be eating 75 grams of protein a day; I do wish they'd mentioned this before I spent two days eating nothing but bread. Now they want me to drink an Ensure with every meal. Bleagh.

And I strongly suspect that my setpoint will eventually drift back to what it was :-(

OK. Can I get an abstract on cellulitis wrt what its doing to you?

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