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Grumpy, achy, and hungry...
The hunger is easy to explain. When I get sick, I tend to lose my appetite and don't feel like eating anything. As such, since Saturday noonish (when my current best working theory is that a kidney stone made a painful, but ultimately mercifully quick exit) I've had 2-4 liters of seltzer, half a bowl of minestrone soup, half a slice of toasted multigrain bread with melted cheddar on it, and two hard boiled eggs Now that my appetite is back, it's back with a vengeance.

The trouble is that nothing I'm eating tastes good. The mandarin orange flavored seltzer tastes very bitter, the soup (admittedly a new brand I hadn't tried before) was bland, mushy, and greasy, all at the same time, and I must admit that while the cheesey-toast was a nice thought, I never really cared for that particular combination. The eggs were a bit dry.

Skitten verifies that the seltzer tastes bitter to her, so maybe it's just bad luck of food choices.

But it leaves me ravenously hungry. Which adds to the "grumpy"

The achy might just be general post-illness aches that'll go away when my body gets back to a normal kilter.

But there's a bit that's unusual. The main presentation of this was extreme body chills -- the buried under 3 layers of blankets, my skin is hot to the touch, and my teeth are chattering type of body chills. At this point, the working theory was that it was related to my recent non-compliance on my meds (the cause of which was detailed in my last posting). By the time Skitten got home from Tai Chi and Target had my meds ready, the main part of the chills had gone, but I was still very hot.

Getting dressed was achy, until I put on my right sock. That felt like the top of the sock was a very tight and painful ligature. The worrying thing is that the soreness and sensitivity of that area (about 3 inches up from my ankle) hasn't really gone away, and it responds to changes: lie in bed, it's fine; put feet over side of bed, but not on floor, it's painful, wait a bit, then I can stand on it, and after walking a bit it just aches; sit for a while, it pain mostly goes away, swing legs up on bed, pain for a bit (I'll leave it to your imagination combining this with a need to urinate every 2 hours throughout the night...)

I wasn't feeling massive chills at Target, but I was feeling feverish. Unfortunately, the thermometer we bought fell out of the bag in the car, so I was never able to take it. My immediate symptoms (which were already on their way out, now that I recollect this timeline) seems to disappear quickly after I took my meds.

The loose stool/diarrhea didn't start until midnight or so, but it wasn't massive amounts, just small amounts ever couple of hours or so. It seems to be resolving as well.

It wasn't until today that I noticed dark-red spots in my underwear where I would have "dribbled" That made me think "kidney stone", and the course of events was similar to previous kidney stones I've had.

I'm still concerned about the leg pain, and I have generalized aches here and there. But I hope the worst is behind me.

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I'm sorry you've been unwell. I've heard that passing a kidney stone is Extremely Painful. You have my deepest sympathies.

Hope you feel better soon, sounds really sucky.

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