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No 500 words today...
Between car troubles, the heat, and the need to go to bed early, I ran out of time to write the 500 words, more or less.

They weren't able to work on the car on Friday and are closed on weekends. Around 2ish I got a call saying that I was right -- it needed a new idler, new serpentine belt, and a new radiator hose. Through in a couple of gallons of coolant and other assorted labors, and it's $300 -- more than I had in the bank. I said I might not be able to pick it up until Friday, but I'll talk to Skitten. I was able to talk to Skitten and between us we had the money. I met Skitten at the mechanics at 5:30 (the mechanic's office closes at 6, the mechanics quit at 5)

My assumption based on the conversation was that the work was done, we just needed to pay it. I was wrong. That was the estimate, and they didn't do the work without authorization. So we don't have the car, yet.

We paid in advance, and they are going to work on the car first thing in the morning. Skitten hopes to pick it up at 10am.

I had lunch at Thai Cuisine with sheherazahde today for her birthday. The rest of her bookclub was there. It appears to be some really nice people.

G;night all,

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Very intereresting reading. thx

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