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Swapping SIM cards between Apple and Android phones...
Query for Android/AT&T folks out there...

I have an iPhone 4, AT&T, unlimited data. I have a friend who has an Android phone, AT&T, unlimited data. Both our phones are GSM, both our phones use SIM cards, heck both our phones are on the same bill.

Keep in mind I haven't discussed with him this next bit; in fact, keep in mind that this next bit is a half-formed idea that I haven't even thought of for 10 minutes...

Would it be technically possible for us to swap SIM cards, temporarily, and thus give me a hands-on experience with an Android phone for, say, a weekend?

(Note, I fully expect a comment from said friend (he'll know who he is instantly) saying "Um, I don't know if it's technically possible or not, but, no.")

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Yep, swapping the SIMS swaps the numbers, and would let you each have hands-on time with the other teck.

I have and Android coming tomorrow on my Sprint account. Look forward to seeing how it differs from the iPhone on AT&T aside from faster data.

Do I recall hearing something about the sim cards in iphones being a different form factor than regular sims? Otherwise, I don't see why not.

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