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Concertina, Good News, Bad News...
First, some images to make what I'm going for more real:

From ConcertinaProject

From ConcertinaProject

I've got the end-caps cut out, button holes drilled in one, and three side-panels put on. The Arduino and MIDI breakout board are mounted on standoffs on one of the side-panels, and the two are connected as per my schematic.

After getting the Arduino and MIDI breakout board mounted, I was able, after a false-step or two, get my MIDI test program (which plays Black Nag) working.

Unfortunately, after redoing it to hook it up to the breadboard to work with the button pad, it ceased to work properly. I hear a tick for every MIDI command sent, but no tones. I suspect the breakout board may be fried. It's possible that trying to run the thing without connecting the board's ground lead might have something to do with it. I would say that definitely was it, but it worked after I connected the ground. It didn't stop working until later.

There is a lot of slop and imprecision with the physical build. The idea (using paper templates glued to the materials to mark where to cut and drill) is sound, the execution is lousy. As you can see in the first picture, the drill holes have a lot of tear out and the paper inside was utterly destroyed. I think using spray-adhesive instead of glue-stick glue would help hold the pattern more securely. I don't know how to deal with the tear-out. I suppose one solution would be to send my drawings to a laser-cutting shop and get well-cut panels back.

I've ordered stuff to make the button wiring. Instead of having a bunch of free-floating exposed wires, I'm going to try to heat-shrink all the connections.

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I'm really enjoying these posts, and hope to meet the instrument in person in October at the latest. :)

waste stock on the back, sharper bit, slower feed rate, use a hardwood for the faces. RB darkly also has a drill press.

I did use waste stock for drilling, the bit was brand new, I believe I'm using a hardwood (birch) plywood.

I will bring the bit and the undrilled end-cap with me to RB's place this weekend and see if that helps.

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