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Wonder Woman brou-ha-ha
So apparently David Kelley is working on a new Wonder Woman live-action TV series, and new pictures were released of the new costume.

There are a lot of complaints, especially about how the new costume is somehow less "patriotic" than the old.

Let's see.... Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Princess (a foreign national, even foreign nobility) living and working in the US under an assumed name and without proper documentation.

What sort of patriotism do they expect?

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(Deleted comment)
At least her pants go all the way down. I call this a vast improvment.

I don't think it's the costume I dislike. She's holding herself like she thinks a strong person would, but isn't quite there. Her shoulders are tense, not strong. Her fists are curled, but not in any useful way. Furthermore, the way she's standing means she has to readjust her weight distribution before she can move.

Very NOT superhero-like.

The complaint I've seen the most (mostly from 'notable' cosplayers, actually) is that it's not quite 'right' / the top looks super skanky, the boots are the wrong color, and there are apparently stars and other such little recognizable parts of the costume are missing.

I sort of like the costume? But I was never, ever a WW fan so I guess I actually just don't care. XD

After migrating through three pages of the link...

I...see very little wrong with the costume. WW always had the strapless bustier going, and while hot pants can be more practical for movement, I see the value of long pants (especially if the actress doesn't have the stems).

I agree that the pose is off, and the boots. Ah, yes, the boots are my only serious complaint. Proper super-heroine boots should not blend into the costume. They should stand out. Don't be afraid of the red!

If I still have cable, and actually plan ahead, I will so be checking out the series. It may flop like a nuclear missile turned sperm whale, but I will watch.

Not being a fashion person I don't really care about what she wears asnlong as she isunanashedly sexy and comes across as strong. Haven't checked out the link but I 'm on a train & slightly bored so I might as well go look ;)

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