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Concertina project: Success! Milestone reached!
I'm not done by a long shot, but I've got it making noise based on my key presses, which is a good step.

Here's a current picture, in all it's glory (click through to embiggen it and see notes)

From ConcertinaProject

More pictures (including some I promised last time) and be seen at the Picasa album linked to at the bottom of the above picture.

I ought to adjust which notes it plays so I can at least play Taps.

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Always cool when you establish proof of concept. I always love the next step of getting a prototype hardcopy PCB. If you're only doing one, I used to like vector pins in perf cards, but that was before you could just email your layout artwork and get an etch board back just a few days later. If the budget is real tight vector pins and perf cards are still hard to beat, but the on-line proto PCB companies can usually give you two or four cards for the minimum order charge. That used to be $32 a few years back...maybe $50 by now.

The proto board folks have figured out a way to do things on the cheap. I know of two sites which put together batch orders -- gather a bunch of different small boards and put them on one big board the fab shops are willing to work with. One site charges $2.50/sq.in+$10 setup+shipping and tends to give you two copies, the other charges $5/sq.in all-inclusive for 3 copies. Both make you wait for the board to fill up. Both offer the same product (2-sided boards, solder mask and silk screening both sides, drilled holes and plated vias, milled board edges of any shape (price based on size of bounding rectangle), etc).

The current artwork which I have (which needs to be redone with what I now know) is 1.75"x2.1", or 3.675sq.in. It's right around $19(excluding shipping) for either place -- but at 1 I'm likely to get 2 boards, at the other I'll get 3. I don't know what the new artwork will yield.

Even with those prices, I'm tempted to go the perf-board/protoboard route initially. I can get something working that's mountable without having to wait for the PCB.

I'm not sure much will save me from doing a lot of soldering "in the air" for the button matrices, though. I don't think a PCB or a perf-board will work well.

Wow, then we can talk wire wrapping...

Takes me back in the day it does.

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