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A religion question...
Does anyone reading this know of any major non-Abrahamic monotheist religions?
Does anyone reading this know of any non-Abrahamic monotheist religions?

(I suspect anyone saying "yes" to the first question will say "yes" to the second...)

Current or historical?

I was listening to a podcast this morning and heard a commenter using "Abrahamic", "monotheist", and "Judeo-Christian" to refer to the same related three groups of religions. I initially felt that "monotheist" was not specific enough, but then realized I couldn't think of any religion outside of the family he was talking about that were monotheist. But my knowledge isn't total, so it's worth asking about.

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Wikipedia is often the place where I start for general questions like this. I won't, however, presume to dictate which religions are major and which ones are minor.

Well, I admit to confirming my reply below via Wikipedia - I knew about the Zoroastrians & Baha'i & the Aten but had forgotten the Sikhs

Bahá'í (although this might be an Abrahamic?)

historically - The Aten cult during Ankhenaten

The off-the-cuff example is Zoroastrianism. Sikhism is monotheistic as well.

Shall I also rant on how "Judeo-Christian" even if it _does_ mean "pertaining to things which actually _are_ in common between Judaism and Christianity" rather than "a fancy way to say Christian" rather misses out on the third of the "related three"? Nah.

The rant is non-necessary when aimed at me. I tend not to use it for much the same reasons as the rant.

The speaker in this case was contrasting them to atheism and secular humanism -- and commenting on the quote made by a famous atheist that "Everyone's an atheist, I just choose to not believe in one more god", pointing out that members of the related three are atheists regarding the Greek pantheon.

I know that even within the Abrahamic faiths there is room for more nuanced views (including the "the Tanach says there are more gods than mine, but I'm only to worship the one" technically polytheistic view), so I don't need that rant either.

Always nice to do business with people who know your rants in advance.

Zoroastrianism. Oh, and Sikhism, though the latter is influenced strongly by Islam.

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There is one enormous flaw in monotheism of any flavor. The basic premise of monotheism is, of course, that there is, and can only ever be, one "God" - the one any given monotheistic religion professes belief in. It logically follows from this that any other Being that is described as "a god" is either a human delusion, or a demonic creature pretending to be a god for the purposes of tempting humans away from the worship of the One True God. And it logically follows from this that all montheistic religions must use every means at their disposal to make sure that human beings don't worship the wrong god. You can see where this leads...

I am deeply offended that you've forgotten to consider Pastafarianism. There is only one Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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