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Update on the broken soldering station.
Last night I described a broken soldering station sent to me by Sparkfun. I also emailled them about it, complete with a picture of the station.

I didn't expect an immediate reply... Their office hours are 09:00-17:00 GMT-7 (the timezone information in terms of GMT is conveniently listed on their "Contact Us" page. Nice). I'm GMT-4 right now, so I didn't expect a reply before 11:00 (if the math seems off, it's because I just now realized my calculations were off because I computed for Standard Time, GMT-5, not Daylight Saving Time, GMT-4. So I should have expected no reply before 12:00, but I was off by an hour. In fairness, Sparkfun is probably on GMT-6 now, not GMT-7, because of DST as well).

I finally got a response a little after 16:00 local time, and it was all I could have asked for. Based on my email description and picture, they determined the part was broken when it was shipped to them, and have placed a replacement order for me. The order will contain a replacement soldering station and a prepaid return label for the old station.

What I wanted was a working station at no additional cost to myself, and that's what I'm getting. I'm satisfied.

Now I just have to pack up the unit and wait.