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A setback for the Concertina...
Everything went well for this weekend's trip to Unicorn Electronics. While it was difficult to find some stuff, I was able to get basically all that I wanted/needed. I now have more than enough parts to test the basic operation of the Arduino-to-Midi-to-sound capabilities. I hadn't planned on doing a lot of work on the button-pad side of things quite yet.

Before heading down to Binghamton, I printed out a full-scale printout of the PCB I'm designing, stapled it to a piece of cardstock, and trimmed it down to actual size That gave me the opportunity to stack everything up the way I expected it to fit together and show it off (I don't have time right now to post a picture, but I will later this evening. It's a good thing I did, since it is clear, once I did that, that the layout will not work -- I have connectors blocked by daughter-board, and the pin layout for the headphone jack I selected does not match the actual pin layout for the physical headphone jack in hand. This means a redesign of the board is in order. This is a good check to have done long before ordering the PCBs themselves and finding out they don't work.

That's not the setback. The setback is a piece of broken equipment. I ordered a soldering station from Sparkfun and when I fully unboxed it today it was apparent that the bottom of the unit had smashed in (again, pics later tonight). I am unwilling to trust that the interior components are in working order, so I have not plugged it in, nor do I plan to. I fully expect Sparkfun to be responsive in dealing with this, but it means another week of being unable to do any soldering. Since soldering pins to the breakout board was the next step, it puts a major damper on what I can do.

I will think about how to proceed and continue this as soon as I can.