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Parts for Electronic Concertina to get this weekend.
On Saturday I'm heading to Binghamton to go to a dinner party hosted by a friend. Before dinner, I'm going to visit Unicorn Electronics, a retail electronics parts store in Johnson City[1]. The goal is to get sufficient supplies that I can get all the Concertina electronics built except for the printed circuit boards and the button pads.

My parts list for the circuit I have now is:

two 1N4148 switching diodes
one 74LS138
one 16-pin DIP socket
one resistor, 1/4W 51K (or 56K)
one momentary-on tactile switch
one 3.5mm stereo audio jack
two male headers, 5x2
two stackable headers, 10x1
two male headers, 10x1
Arduino Uno
vs1103b breakout board
7-12v DC wall-wart with proper polarity for plugging into the Arduino.

The Arduino, 10x1 stackable headers, and the breakout board are both on their way in the mail. The 5x2 headers are used to connect to the button pads, so I don't need them yet. The rest I need to get from Unicorn.

Additional things I need to get from Unicorn:

full-sided Breadboard or two
breadboard jumper wires
stand-offs, machine screws, and nuts.

For the button pads I know I'm going to need two more 5x2 male headers, 48 momentary-on switches and 48 1N4148 diodes. I'll order them after I get the current part of the project working and the boards designed.

[1] Unicorn Electronics is like the electronics parts section of your local Radio Shack back in the glory days of Radio Shack, but bigger. It serves the needs of electronics hobbyists, students at university, small electronics companies, etc. They have racks and racks of ICs, wires, tools, components, PCB making supplies, etc. When I first went there, it was a small store, probably no more than a 1000 sq.ft, tucked into a small strip mall off the main drag. When I last went there, they had moved around the corner to another strip mall, but was now using the entire building instead of a small store. Growing up, the Triple Cities (Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, Endwell and Vestal (yes I can count to 5; the folks who nick-named the area apparently couldn't) was the closest "city", and it was home to Unicorn Electronics. It set my expectation that all cities would have something like Unicorn. I was wrong. Unicorns are rare and elusive creatures.

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I wanna go, we killed off all those stores in NYC except Leeds

I actually need some stuff.

Will you be up in Binghamton this weekend? If so, we should coordinate and I'll take you. It closes at 5pm, though. The dinner is at 6pm, so there's no conflict.

Oooh! Oooh! Can I watch?



Unicorn has grown?? That's fantastic!

I don't think they've grown since the last time the two of us were there. They certainly are bigger than they were when I first went there over 25 years ago.

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