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Snow day!
When you're a kid, snow days mean no school, playing outside in the snow all day, etc.

When you're an adult, snow days mean no work, but you still have to dig out the car, etc.

We got about 14" of snow last night. I shoveled the sidewalk last night, so there was only about 8" on it this morning. The layer of salt I applied last night helped keep it from freezing to the concrete, so it was relatively easy to undo.

I walk to work, and was about a 1/3 of the way there when I was passed by a co-worker going the other way who stopped to tell me the office was closed.

Now I have all day to dig out the 60' driveway. And no excuses.....

At least the car itself is in the garage, so it's clear.

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I live in S. Africa so we don't get snow but I have alwyas said I would LOVE to live somewhere where it did snow .....but...after reading that post maybe not :)

Do you like the snow?

Re: The sraw backs of snow....

It's a hard question. In general, I'm not properly prepared and/or used to dealing with lots of snow. My shoes aren't properly waterproofed, so walking through puddles of half-melted snow leaves me with cold, wet socks and feet. I'm out of shape with low endurance, so shoveling large amounts of snow leaves me out of breath and I have to take frequent breaks. So there are a lot of downsides to snow.

However, most of the worst downsides happen just after a snowfall, before the roads and sidewalks/pavements are cleared. By this morning, walking to work was no worse than usual. Most of the time, the snow is just a pretty white blanket across the countryside keeping the long winter nights bright in reflected moon and starlight.

Snow like we just got is rare here. Cornell University is known for having classes regardless of the weather, and they cancelled yesterday. The local police closed the roads for a few hours because of the weather, something which happens so rarely I can't remember the last time. We've had a couple of big storms earlier in the year, but they only amounted to about half the snow (per storm) than this one, and weren't nearly the problem. Other parts of the US regularly get similar amounts of snow, and the folks there are much more used to dealing with it. I have a 60' driveway and only a shovel. If I lived in Maine, I'd have a snowblower and use it regularly. I'd also have waterproof boots and gloves.

I am not one for outdoor activities. I don't ski, I don't snowshoe, I don't snowboard. I have skied, and I enjoyed it, but it's not my thing.

Do I like the snow? I guess so, but I wouldn't miss it that much.

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