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A round-about process...
I don't have a concertina on hand. This makes it tricky to do things like duplicate its layout -- I can't measure button spacing and layout without a device to measure and layout. I'm even uncertain as to the size necessary for the button pads.

So a web-search for concertina button spacing turned up mention of an iDevice app called Englitina, which turns the iDevice into a 2-octave English Concertina. The web-page for the app claims that it exactly duplicates the layout, spacing, and button size of the middle 3.5 rows of the authors own concertina.

So I paid the $1 for the app (which suggests holding the iPhone between the thumb and pinkies of both hands while playing the notes with the index and middle fingers, and incredibly awkward hold, unlike a real concertina where the palms virtually face each other and the thumbs are in loops to hold the device) primarily for the ability to measure the button spacing.

The good news: it appears that each hands buttons can be mounted on a PCB the size of a credit card (the easiest measurement guide I had on hand).