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Writer's Block: It came from planet Claire
If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?

Solar planets, other than Earth, have a defined naming scheme of being named after major Roman deities. This naming scheme is enforced, which limits my choices. For one thing, the mythological naming schema has been applied to moons as well: Phobos and Deimos are children of Mars, the moons of Jupiter are named after demigods affiliated with Jupiter, the moons of Pluto are underworld figures, etc. So even if I had a good name, it might already be used.

I personally affiliate with Athena, which would be a good choice except for being Greek and all. The Romans called her Minerva, which would make a good name.

So good, it's been used twice already: Uranus was originally called Minerva before Uranus was settled on, and the same happened with Pluto as well. It does not appear to be currently used for any Solar body.

So Minerva it is.

There may be different naming conventions for Dwarf planets. Two of the existing Dwarf Planets were originally considered planets before demotion (Ceres was demoted to "asteroid", then promoted to "dwarf planet"), and the first of the newer ones floated in limbo (planet? kuiper-belt object?) before the designation "dwarf planet" was bestowed. It was informally "Xena" before getting officially designated Eris, which is Greek. (Eris's moon has been given the name Dynomia, after the Goddess of Lawlessness). So Athena may be a reasonable choice there.

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Really, they give you a fantasy opportunity and your first response is, 'well I can't b/c they have a way to do it already'.?.?
If they came to your door and said "What do YOU want to call it?" and it's not in Sol's system and they'll let yopu name it ANYTHNG w/o previous rules applying...

Really, someone you don't know responds to a writing block prompt, and you reply to them saying that they are doing it wrong?

Sorry I mostly read your response as "well they won't let me so it has to be this..."
Yeah was a little *ishy of me.

Hey, I like the name Minerva...

We liked the diminutive Mina, and needed a full-name for our daughter... The goddess of wisdom and commerce? Perfect for the daughter of liberty-lovers like us... ;-)

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