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Writer's Block: The winning ticket
What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

My first "purchase" would be freedom from debt: student loans would be gone, the title on the house would be lien-free, credit cards would be paid off, etc. Then I'd think about other important big-ticket items: a new car, a new roof, etc.

Of course, that's bubchis. My real first purchase would probably be a celebratory dinner, but the first big-ticket purchases would be the above.

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It would be the same for me. I would pay off every single thing I owed and get our house and car paid for. Then I would probably want to sell our house and build our dream house.

I'm not sure if it would count as a "purchase," but mine would be an appointment with a financial planner.

Me too. Assuming it was big enough I'd get rid of all our debts. Mine, yours, my brother's, his sister's. Maybe a trust fund for you. Then I think I would go on a 1st class cruise around the world.

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