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So the TV is installed...

From 07

The white box under the calendar is a VHS video tape in it's case, included for scale. The Wii is next to it, and just barely fits under the TV. The DVD player is on the other side, and fits under the TV but hangs out the side.

The image on the TV is from "Man vs Food", and the big white spot is the reflection from the flash.

The Wii is connected with composite cables. I can get Wii-to-component cables for a few bucks from Monoprice.com That'll allow me to upgrade from NTSC-quality to 480p (whoop!). Unfortunately, in watching Man v. Food I could clearly see digital artifacting. My DVD player is upconverting to 1080p already, so I don't think I'll have the same issues that way.

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Why not get an inexpensive TV tuner from Newegg or equivalent? (I assume you don't have, and don't intend to get, cable.)

The set has a built-in tuner, plus an antenna hookup. If I wanted to pull in signal off the air, I would just need to get an antenna -- and a local broadcast channel. As I've mentioned before, Ithaca is surrounded by hills (elevation by the lake: 380ft, elevation at the airport: 1100ft) and no local TV channels or repeaters. So what's the point of a tuner or antenna?

Well, not no local stations or repeaters. Just not very many. You ought to easily pick up the FOX translator on channel 16 that's on South Hill, very likely the ABC translator a few miles east, and perhaps even Trinity's translator several miles north, though I'm not sure you'd want to.

Is "Man v Food" coming via Netflix? Only some of their content streams in HD, and then only if you have a rock-solid, fast Internet connection. Their software automatically steps down the streaming quality to accommodate the connection.

I was unaware of Fox16 or ABC (or Trinity) locally. I suspect I'd still need an antenna, but I can look into that.

MvF is coming via NetFlix, but part of the problem is that the Wii isn't really set up for HD. At it's best, it'll do 480p (and it's amusing to read how the documentation describes the amazing quality of 480p). I suspect that the NetFlix streaming software on the Wii doesn't ask for HD content at all because of that.

I could try booting my laptop in Windows and seeing if NetFlix looks better via that route than via the Wii.

So, basically, you have to have a cable hookup if you want to watch broadcast TV. (I have cable, but I never watch TV any more. It's just that I can't get FiOS or even DSL here - cable is the only source of internet access, other than a dial-up modem.)

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