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Two bits of resolved business.
Today my office went to Garcia's Mexican restaurant for lunch, and then one of my co-workers went to Best Buy with me.

The results: Garcia's had my wallet, which I had apparently left there a month ago and had written off as completely lost. Now I have 3 copies of my drivers license; one of which is expired. The library card was the only other card missing that I had replaced so far, but the shopper loyalty cards and health insurance card are nice to have back.

The new TV is in da house. In the front hallway, still in a box, but that will probably be dealt with this evening, but it's in the house. It barely fit in the Toyota 4Runner due to height. There was plenty of room otherwise. The box is bulky, but light enough to be easily manhandled by one person. After I remove the fragile contents, I'm going to see if I actually could have gotten it into my car. It's doubtful, but worth a try.

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And the folks at Garcia's couldn't be bothered to tell you?! :-\

My TV fit in my car when I bought it at Best Buy, but only after I took it out of the box. Of course, the one I bought from Amazon never had to fit in the car. And the old CRT one I just gave a friend only barely fit! But more for depth than width or height.

wel lthere is kind of a language barrier & they just might n't have noticed it was a wallet *rofl*
after all it's a mint tin full of cArds.. not a piece of leasther with special pockets just for cards ;)

I didn't ask anyone at Garcia's about it, they asked me if I had left it. If I had thought I might have left it there, I would have asked shortly after I lost it. I got the order of where I had been wrong and had thought I had it after I was at Garcia's. (My debit card, the main thing I use in my wallet, had migrated to my pocket separate from the wallet, so when the wallet vanished, I still had the debit card). Since there was no contact info, other than my address on my drivers license, I don't fault them for not contacting me -- until I came back. I've no problem with how they handled it.

If I hadn't been warned about not putting it on its side, I think I could have gotten the TV into the trunk. I'm not sure it will fit behind the seats, and I'm really not sure the doors open enough to allow me to get it in. Getting rid of the CRT is going to be fun, though. I suspect "freecycle, you pick it up" will be the easiest way.

Its in the house now. It is not worth it to see how it would have fit in the car it no longer needs to fit in.

Set it up! :-)

he has to workj first silly- plus it's just a tv! pbbt@! Yes I know I'll totally lose major geek creds for this comment *lol*

yeah I took a peek at it- it's HUGE@! *lol*
I'm so glad you found your "ajem" ewallet.... cause you looked very happy :)

Have you asked Kaaren which Table she wants to give me?

This conversation has slipped my mind. Can you remind me the context of the table offering?

I posted about needing a table for crafts and Kaaren said maybe Buddha could bring me one of her tables that she wants to get rid of.

I sent you an e-mail about it but you never replied.

She didn't have a specific table in mind. I just cleaned off a 30/60 table that's now folded up in the front hall. If we can figure out how to transport it, you can borrow it.

I'm not interested in borrowing it.

But speaking of borrowed things, will you be wanting your Tivo back?

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