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Updates on sundry...
Tiger (our elderly cat who ate food, threw up a lot, and resisted eating food since) has started eating canned food again, with gusto (the little guy was hungry!) After initially only allowing him a small amount at a time in hopes that he wouldn't gorge himself and throw it up, we are back to allowing him to eat as much as he wants. So far, so good. That crisis averted.

I have progressed on the HDTV purchase. There is now a place to put it in the living room, the other A/V equipment is not on top of the old TV anymore. The HDMI cables should be arriving today. The new TV itself is waiting for me to pick it up at BestBuy.

I went Thursday to buy it, and discovered that:
(a) the TV I had picked out is huge. I decided to downgrade my selection by 4" diagonally, and the smaller one still has a screen taller than the one on our existing TV. Skitten's concerns about missing the large image of our current TV are unfounded.
(b) It is too big to fit in my car, especially since they can't be shipped on their sides. BestBuy wants $70 for delivery, my coworker is willing to get it with me on Monday sans charge.

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"And this one is completely solid state. No tubes!" :-)

I *think* it has a couple of fluorescent tubes to light it up, but no picture tube, at least.

That looked like you were quoting something; what?

>That looked like you were quoting something; what?

Yes! You don't remember!?!

We were buying our TV (the one I'm still using, by the way!) at Sears in the Syracuse mall and we were looking at it and this sales droid was talking to two people to our left, also looking at TVs. And the sales droid said, "And this one is completely solid state. No tubes!" It was all we could do not to bust out laughing out loud! :-)

The first TV set my family owned, when I was about three years old, had a round screen, 8" in diameter. It wasn't black-and-white... it was green-and-white. And, of course, it consisted entirely of tubes, just like the radio. We lived close to NYC, so we were very lucky - we had FOUR channels to choose from, even if they were only on the air for a few hours a day. Kwitcherbitchin ;-)

By the way, I am thrilled to hear about Tiger!!!!!

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