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Perhaps my timing isn't the best...
I understand there is some sort of major sporting event happening in my country this weekend. Perhaps this isn't the best time to get a large-screen TV....

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On the contrary. There are great sales and extreme stocking levels this week, and there'll be "Shit, no one bought this!" sales next week. This is the perfect time.

In this specific case, I specced out online an RCA 46" tv, and today it appears out of stock (can order it in 3-5 days), and the next tv on my list is admittedly a little better spec-wise, but $100 higher in price (both are "on sale").

I'm sure if I wait until Monday or Tuesday prices might be lower, but I'm already running into the stocking issue.

We just got a new one for a basement. This is one of the best times of the year to buy a tv.

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