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Childrens shows with adult humor...
When done right, children shows can get away with a lot of stuff which will fly right over the kids heads, but be funny to adults who watch it.

Sometimes it can be subtle, such as a Sesame Street skit with Susan Sarandon and date escaping a broke down car in the middle of a rainy night by going to a castle, complete with newspapers over their heads. If you aren't familiar with Rocky Horror, it won't strike you as odd for a show for pre-teens. If you are, however...

Sometimes subtlety goes right out the window. Granted, that particular scene was not supposed to make it out of the studio, much less on the air, but still...

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I remember watching the original Shrek way back when and noticing that the adults and kids laughed at completely different times throughout the entire movie : )

Among the toons that did it best would have been Animaniacs.

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